Forest America – We are the real owners and stewards of America’s private forests

Forest America is committed to providing information about how the responsible management and utilization of forests ensures the sustainability of working forests in America. There’s a reason why we believe this is so important—while our forests are our livelihood, they are also our heritage and our legacy. We are the owners and stewards of America’s private forests.


Privately-owned family forests are described as "working forests" because they produce a continuous supply of trees for the many wood, paper, and pulp-based products we use daily. Healthy forests are managed by private landowners allowing the public to enjoy the many benefits that come from trees.


America’s working forests are healthy, sustainable and among the best managed in the world. Forest landowners are the key to healthy forests in America. Making sure our forest management practices are in line with the public’s values and expectations is the foundation for building trust. 


Whether the issue is property rights, conservation programs or wildlife protection measures, Forest America supports policy and issues that keep forests healthy and viable.