Family Forests

Our great American forests are a family affair passed down through the generations.

America’s forests are not endangered. However, the private landowners who own and manage the majority of wood supply in America are. If regulatory trends and public perception continue, legions of private family forests owners will be forced to sell property handed down for generations.  Family forest landowners take pride in their property and practice good management and day-to-day oversight for an assurance of abundant, healthy and diverse forests for the future. Why?  Because it is in their best interest as well as yours. Because private forest landowners are the ultimate environmentalists they are good stewards of the land and take care of our nation's trees and wildlife habitats not only for us to enjoy but also for the future generations to come. 

Cinda Jones

Amherst, Massachusetts

Cinda’s personality is as large as her forests and it only take a few minutes with her before you notice that not only do you understand her passion for forestry but now you also share that passion. Cinda is all you need to have a new found respect for family working forests and a new found friend that can show you why landowners are so passionate about their trees and why family forests work.

“The 10th generation is learning about the economic and environmental benefits of our forests and the importance of their sustainability. I need to give those kids the same base that I have. I grew up knowing what a tree farm was—and how important that is.”


Cinda Jones
President, W.D. Cowls, Inc.

Robert Crosby

New Orleans, Louisiana

Robert H. Crosby III marvels at the continuity and family unity of Crosby Land and Resources, which will celebrate its 75th anniversary in November. The New Orleans-based company, which owns 135,000 acres in western Louisiana, is one of the nation’s largest family-owned nonindustrial timberland businesses.

“I grew up in DeRidder, Louisiana. I didn’t grow up in a small town. I grew up three miles south of a small town. But what a wonderful place; I could hunt and fish right outside the back door.”


Robert H. Crosby, III
President, Crosby Land and Resources

Earl & Wanda Barrs

Cochran, Georgia

Sometimes people find their calling in life and it coincides with what they love. Earl and Wanda Barrs are two of these lucky people. They have blended their love of forestry, the outdoors, and education and have made a profound impact on their community. Together, they created not only a Tree Farm but a living, breathing example of good stewardship.

“As you become older - and wiser, - your appreciation grows and you feel the responsibility of taking care of something that will be passed on for generations. It's more than just a business.


Earl Barrs
Landowner, Gully Branch