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Building Relationships

Building relationships with forest stakeholders at home and in the woods, using straight-forward talk revealing the true nature of how forest landowners and private working forests are not only impacted by policy, but how they contribute to local economies, natural resources, and far-reaching public benefits.

Forest Forums

Round table discussions in a collaborative environment bring together diverse stakeholders seeking solutions on issues impacting working forests management, habitat conservation, ecosystems, markets and ownership.

Timber Talks

Timber Talks Bring forestry stakeholders (government agencies, environmental and wildlife NGOs and business consumers) to the woods to experience how private working forests are managed for the benefit of healthy ecosystems, while generating a timber supply.

Our Aim

Demonstrating how forest landowners create, maintain, and improve habitat on their property every day, while also generating a timber supply.


You earn trust by first establishing shared values, then sharing facts or demonstrating your technical skills and expertise.  The best way to demonstrate a private forest landowner’s commitment to stewardship of their land is in the woods.


Through this hands-on learning policy makers, environmental stakeholders and corporate decision makers gain insight to how rule making, regulations and/or purchasing decisions impact a landowners ability to own and manage their forests.

Hosted Timber Talks and Forest Forums


Location Stakeholders Engaged Issues Addressed
Shreveport, Louisiana Family Forests Landowners Markets
Orlando, Florida USFWS Region IV & Southeast States; Landowners At-Risk Species
Watkinsville, Georgia Family Forests Landowners At-Risk Species | Markets
Camak, Georgia Policy Makers, USFWS, Family Forest Landowners At-Risk Species | Markets | Regulatory Certainty
Andalusia, Alabama USFWS, NRCS, Family Forests Landowners At-Risk Species
Folkston, Georgia USFWS, NRCS, DNR, Family Forest Landowners At-Risk Species
North Georgia 24 Countries Bioenergy In the Southeastern US| US Wood | Markets
Upstate South Carolina 24 Countries Bioenergy in the Southeastern US | US Wood | Markets
Fayetteville, Arkansas Brands; Wal-Mart & The Sustainability Consortium Markets
Ashville, North Carolina USFWS Region IV & Southeast States; Landowners At-Risk Species