Pulp Fiction

In 2013, the U.S. produced 49.4 million metric tons of wood pulp. Where did all that pulp go? You might be surprised.

Join us as we follow a day in the life of a fictitious consumer and see how the wood from American family forests is woven into her daily life. The items highlighted in blue are products that include wood cellulose pulp.

Section + Parallax

She awakens to the sound of the digitized alarm clock on her cell phone. The sharp LCD display glows a ghostly green as she notes the time, 6:00 a.m., and rolls out of bed. In the distance, she hears the pickup truck roll out of the driveway as her husband drives off to his job at the mill.

She takes a quick shower, using a freshly scented shower gel she picked up at the store yesterday. She quickly shampoos and conditions her hair, then gets ready for the day. She slathers on a rich body lotion and sits down to apply her makeup. "I'm getting so old," she moans, as the crow's feet stare back at her from the mirror. She fixes her hair using a styling gel and spritzes on some hair spray to keep her locks in place. The amount of "product" she uses to look good is amazing.


The kids are clamoring for breakfast, so as soon as she hits the kitchen she whips up a batch of muffins from a mix and fries up some sausagesin the skillet. The dog is hungry, too, so she stops his whining by giving him his morning bowl of dog food. Finally, she puts a filter in the coffee maker, dumps in some coffee and sits down to read the paper while she waits for it to brew.

After breakfast, she straightens the kitchen and takes a quick swipe with the sponge along the counter top. It's time to get the kids moving. "Go brush your teeth," she yells, "and remember; it takes two full minutes with the toothbrush and toothpaste to do the job right!"


She loads the kids into the car and drops them off at school. Today she is having her car serviced-the mechanic tells her she needs a new tire and an air filter change. It's almost lunchtime, but there's no time to eat. She wants to make headway on a special project before the kids come home, so she gulps down a can of vanilla-flavored Slim Fast.

She heads outside to finish laying and grouting the new tile on her patio. On her way out the door, she notices that someone has managed to punch a new hole in the wall. "Those wild kids!" she exclaims. "They were probably playing ball in the house again!" Now she will have to figure out how to fix the plaster and re-paint. Thank heavens for all those handy home improvement shows on television. She thinks back to the time the dog chewed the stucco off the back wall of the house. "It can't be that bad,'' she chuckles to herself.


Before long, the kids are home and they all sit down for a family meal of marinated steak, potato casserole and salad with ranch dressing. "You kids would eat rocks if they had dressing on them," she declares. For dessert she serves a raspberry-filled angel food cake. As her youngest child licks his fingers, she notices that he has been in the nail polish again. This time he has painted his nails black. "What next?" she mutters. Her middle child is sneezing ferociously, so she hands him a time-release allergy tablet. While her back is turned, her oldest son announces in a croaking voice, "I think I need to start shaving. Do we have any shaving cream?"


Just then, her husband walks in the door and takes his place at the table. She turns to him and says, "Hi, dear. Did anything interesting happen at the mill today?" He smiles proudly and says, "Yep. The Performance Fibers team hit a big milestone - almost 30 million tons of pulp produced to date." She smiles back and says, "That's nice, dear," and wonders silently, "Who on earth uses all that pulp?" Finally, the day is nearly over. The kids are in bed, their homework is done, the television and computer screens are blank, and she is ready to relax. She plops a tea  bag into a mug of hot water and indulges in a soothing bubble bath before going to bed. As she crawls under the covers, she picks up a framed photo of her family and gives the picture a little peck before drifting peacefully off to sleep, her husband snoring softly beside her.

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