Meet the Caretakers

These Private Landowners Choose to Manage Their Lands Responsibly

One Proof of the Success of Sustainable Forest Management is There are More U.S. Forest Lands Today Than 100 Years Ago, Despite an Increase in Population




From a Global Perspective, The United States is a Low Risk Environment

The United States is Ranked 19th Out of 174 Countries as Having a Low Level of Corruption




The Majority of U.S. Forests are Privately-Owned

Most by Family Forest Landowners




Forest landowners ensure healthy working forests and their sustainability for future generations. It is the long term management which enables multiple generations of timber to be harvested from the same ground.”


Frank Beidler
Forest Landowner

“A working forest is always changing — it is the growing and harvesting of timber that sustains a healthy forest. What makes a forest sustainable in my view is that it is also renewable.”


Robert Crosby