Support Forest America

Support America’s Forest Caretakers

America’s working forests and the stewardship of their Caretakers—those communities of families who manage the forests and ensure sustainable harvests to meet the needs of the nation and the world—are a vital part of the nation’s economy and healthy ecosystems. Forest America is a meeting place for that community as well as, for policymakers, legislators, journalists and anyone else who has an interest in learning about America’s working forests.

Just as important, we want the larger community to recognize the issues confronting our Caretakers, from tax issues to open markets to environmental regulations. Forest America serves as a repository of information about working forests and is a place to learn about the challenges and opportunities facing these productive lands and their Caretakers. It will introduce you to our Caretakers, the families who own, manage the forests and harvest its timber with a sustainable approach that ensures the health and vitality of these forests for generations to come.