Forest Economics

Economic Value of Private Forests

Millions of jobs, billions of dollars.

  • Jobs — 2.4 million jobs
  • Wages — $87 billion in payroll
  • Sales — $223 billion in sales
  • Industry — 5.7 percent of all U.S. manufacturing
  • GDP — $101 billion
  • Revenues — $110 billion from fishing & hunting

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Strong Markets

Want more forests? Use more wood.

Buying consumer and commercial products from U.S. working forests helps to sustain the economic vitality of the private landowner community. That vitality ultimately ensures healthy working forests and their sustainability for future generations.

Global Perspective

Misperception Overseas

Due to misconceptions among the public about the sustainability and health of U.S. working forests, both in this country and abroad, corporations are increasingly pressured to give preference to wood from abroad or alternative wood products.

By going abroad for wood supply or not using products made from America’s forests, the public and corporate America actually are putting our country’s forests and their many benefits at tremendous risk. Strong markets ensure healthy forests.