FLF Scholarships


The education and mentorship of new foresters is an important concern for all forest landowners. The Forest Landowner Foundation annually awards scholarships to individuals pursuing a degree in a natural resource related field from nationally accredited forestry schools.  Since 1987, the Forest Landowner Foundation has awarded scholarships to over 100 forestry students. Students selected exhibit high scholastic standards with an interest in the pursuit of a natural resources related field and an interest to improve non-industrial, private forest lands.

Criteria potentially included in assessing a candidate for a scholarship award from the Foundation:

  • Required Class Levels: SO JR GRAD (must have at least one year of school remaining)
  • Maintain an overall B average (3.0 on a 4.0 scale)
  • Demonstrated leadership and participation in school and community activities
  • Other honors received
  • An interest in working with private, non-industrial landowners
  • Work or direct family-forest experience
  • Unusual personal or family circumstances
  • Recommendation from related field academic staff at the university
  • Other references (up to three will be reviewed)

Scholarship Recipients

Since 1987, Over $170,000 has been awarded to students selected based on academic achievement,
professional involvement, and merit.

The Deborah Carter FLF Auburn University Scholarship
Russell Turner
The Burgin Timberlands FLF University of the South (Sewanee) Scholarship
Gretchen Flaig
The Burgin Timberlands FLF Virginia Tech Scholarship
Colby Lowery
The Wayne and Jennie Alexander FLF Stephen F. Austin University Scholarship
Will Alders
The Mac Peden FLF University of Georgia Scholarship
Rocio Gutierrez
Brita Goldstein – Humboldt State University
Jared Pringle – University of Georgia
Robert Tyler Hines – Mississippi State University
The Johney Haralson Clemson University Scholarship
George DeCarvalho and Katie Jordan

*Scholarship supported attendance to the Public Policy Institute


Emily Barrett
Virginia Tech

Noah Cox
Clemson University

William J. Dunnam
Auburn University

Lindsay Golly
Oregon State University

Jacob Hurr
North Carolina State University

Conner Killian
Louisiana Tech

William McCurry
Mississippi State University

Nathan Miller
University of the South – Sewanee

James Murray
University of Florida

Tyler Reeves
University of Georgia


Kenneth Bright
University of Florida

Allison Gordy
University of Georgia

Nathan McLendon
Auburn University

Jonathan Norton
Mississippi State University

Margaret Utecht
Clemson University


N.C. State University

Clemson University

Virginia Tech


Will Ficklen
University of Georgia

Jamal White
University of Florida

Zac Slay
Auburn University


Zechariah (Zach) Davis
Forest Management
North Carolina State University

Sara Fern Fitzsimmons Biosketch
Penn State

Patrick Briggs, Sr
Forest Technology
Allegany College


Isaac Moore
Louisiana Tech

Zachary Senneff
Mississippi State University

Marcus Rutherford
Master’s student
Louisiana State University


Jeremy Lewis
Forest Management
Oregon State University

Ben Garrett 
Forest Resource Management
University of Montana

Patrick Mahoney
Forest Resources and Fire Ecology & Management
University of Idaho


Jeremy Baker 
Forest Resources and Conservation
University of Florida

Thomas Hudson 
Auburn University

Yenie Tran 
Forest Economics PhD Student
University of Georgia 

Tony Artman
Forest Resource Management
Clemson University

Logan Nutt 
University of Kentucky


Thomas Stutz
Forest Management
North Carolina State University

Kyle Dingus 
Forest Resource Management
Virginia Tech University

Garrett Beers
Forest Management
Penn State University

Sean Nolan 
Forest Resources Management & Wood Science and Technology
West Virginia University


Michael Chapman
Forest Operations Management
Oregon State University

Shane Thon 
Forest Resources
University of Idaho

Kathleen Williams
Forestry, Wildland Fire Management
Humboldt State University


Derek Blackmon 
Natural Resource Management
University of Florida

Jenny Dickey 
Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Auburn University

Tiffany Roddy 
Forest Management
Pennsylvania State University

Nathanael Trauger 
University of Arkansas, Monticello

Joel R. Vinson, Jr. 
University of Georgia

Justin Wright
Forest Resource Management
Clemson University


Jeremy Koslowski 
Forestry Management and Wildlife
University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

John T. Bauer 
Michigan Tech University

Joshua L. Maclam 
Purdue University


Garret Hunt Nowell 
Master of Science, Forestry Management
Mississippi State University

Justin Jacobs
Louisiana Tech University

Benjamin J. Kendall
Forest Resource Management
Clemson University

Thomas Rudd
North Carolina State University

Brandon R. Kaetzel
Masters Program
The University of Tennessee

2020-2021 Forest Landowner Foundation Scholarship Application


Please submit the following before February 19, 2021. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

1. Completed application form
2. Letter of interest, addressing topics such as:
• Leadership and participation in school and community activities
• Participation or experience in direct work with family forests & their owners
• Examples demonstrating positive work ethic
• Future educational and career plans
• Highlights of any other honors received
3. Resume
4. Three letters of reference

Letter of Interest


Contact info@forestlandowners.com for questions/problems with application

Forest Landowners Foundation Scholarships at work

View the LinkedIn profiles of past participants to see where their forestry careers have taken them.

Katie Williams

Fire Effects Monitor at National Park Service | Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Kathleen (Kate) Williams received a $1,500 scholarship from the Foundation in 2010. Kate graduated from Humboldt State University in 2012 with a BS in Forestry. During her last year of school, Kate became a Firefighter for the US Forest Service. She was a member of of 10-man fuels crew, led designated fuels thinning projects, and served as Firefighter Type 1 on wildfires and prescribed burns for a year and half. In 2013, Kate became the Fire Effects Monitor with the National Park Service.

Connect with Katie on LinkedIn

Justin Wright

Consulting Forester at Henderson and Associates Inc. | Columbia, South Carolina

Justin received a $1,500 scholarship from the Foundation in 2009. Justin majored in Forest Resource Management at Clemson University and graduated in 2010. He then completed his MFR in Forest Business at the University of Georgia in 2012. In January 2012, Justin joined Henderson and Associates Inc. as a Consulting Forester.

Connect with Justin on LinkedIn

Brandon Kaetzel

Principal Economist at Oregon Department of Forestry | Salem, Oregon

Brandon received a $1,500 scholarship from the Foundation in 2007. Brandon graduated in 2004 with a BS in Forest Resource Management from UT-Knoxville. Brandon is currently the Principal Economist for the Oregon Department of Forestry, and serves on the Department of Administrative Services Economic Advisory Committee. Before coming to Oregon, he graduated from Auburn University with a Doctorate in Applied Economics. While a graduate student at both Auburn and the University of Tennnessee (Master’s Degree), he taught a range of subjects from Forest Management/Economics to Forest Mensuration. Brandon received high scores on teaching evaluations and awards for academics. His main focus of research for his two graduate degrees was non-industrial private forest landowner behavior. Brandon has published peer-reviewed articles on this subject and received the Forest Landowner Foundation Scholarship for work in this area.

Brandon’s current work revolves around forecasting timber harvests and revenues for the State of Oregon and maintaining the data sets (and dissemination) of the Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management for the Forestry Program for Oregon (FPFO). Other work involves land use and development research and providing data and feedback as needed to other Department of Forestry divisions as well as other stakeholders.

Connect with Brandon on LinkedIn

Sam Jackson

Vice President, Feedstock Development and Supploy, Green Energy Inc. | Vonore, Tennessee

Sam Received the $1,000 scholarship in 1999. Sam graduated with a BS in Wildlife and Fisheries from The University of Tennessee-Knoxville in 2000. He then went on to get his Masters in Forest Ecology from UT in 2002. Sam completed his Ph.D in Natural Resources in 2008 at UT Knoxville. From 2002-2012, Sam worked as a Research Assistant Professor at UT. Sam then went on to work at Genera Energy Inc. in 2009 and is the Vice President of Feedstock Development and Supply and the COO for Genera Energy Crops LLC.

Connect with Sam on LinkedIn

John Vericker

Attorney at Straley & Robin | Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg, Florida

John received the $1,000 Mrs. Shelton H. Short, Jr. Scholarship for Advanced Forestry and Wildlife Research in 1998. John graduated from the University of Florida in 1997 with a BS in Accounting. He went on to get his MFRC in Forest Resources and Conservation from UF in 1999. John completed Law School in 2004. He now is an Attorney at Straley & Robin and a shareholder. John is board certified in City, County and Local Government Law. He primarily practices in the areas of local government law, community development districts, commercial real estate, and land use law.

Connect with John on LinkedIn

Phil Bailey, MAI

Principal, TerraSource Valuation, LLC | Blacksburg, Virginia

Phil received the $1,000 Mrs. Shelton H. Short Scholarship in 1997. Phil graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Forest Economics and Resource Management. He worked as an Associate Appraiser for Canal Forest Resources (2001-2002), James W. Sewall Company (2002-2004), and was an Appraiser for American Forest Management (2004-2006). Phil currently is the Principal for Terra Source Valuation, LLC. He is involved in all aspects of forestland appraisal and valuation-related consulting projects throughout the eastern US and internally. He specializes in large acreage timberland appraisals in both plantation and natural forests, conservation easement appraisals, and wetland mitigation appraisals.

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Glen Worrell

Manager, F&W Forestry Services, Inc. | Charlottesville, Virginia

(M.S., Virginia Tech, Forest Economics; B.S., Virginia Tech, Forestry) Glen received the 1993 scholarship, also known as the “Forest Farmers Association Foundation Research Award”. This $1,000 scholarship was given to a graduate student who was doing or has done a research project that is or has contributed significantly to southern forestry. Glen Also received the $1,000 Mrs. Shelton H. Short, Jr. Scholarship for Advanced Forestry and Wildlife Research in 1994.

Glen currently is Manager of Virginia Operations at F&W Forestry Services, Inc. He is contracted with TIMO’s and Non-Industrial Private Landowners to administer, budget, plan and implement forest management and land management operations on fee simple and investment properties. Prior to F&W he was Natural Resources Consultants’ Executive Vice President. Glen’s office serves Virginia as well as portions of neighboring West Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and Delaware. Active in the Virginia Forestry Association, Worrell served as the Association’s president for the 2011 term. He is also a member of the Association of Consulting Foresters, the Society of American Foresters, and the Virginia Tree Farm Committee. In 2001, Glen was awarded the Virginia SAF Young Forester Leadership Award.

Connect with Glen on LinkedIn

Tim Dorrell

Owner, Chestnut Resource Services LLC | Atlanta, Georgia

Tim received the $1,000 Mrs. Shelton H. Short, Jr. Scholarship for Advanced Forestry and Wildlife Research in 1994.

Tim is now a Senior Forest Management Professional with diverse experience in operations and decision support for two fortune 500 organizations. Instrumental in identifying, solving and implementing process or organizational improvements that add value or reduce risk. Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to create cohesive, top performing teams. Unique perspective developed through various geographies including Northern hardwood, Southern pine and Northern Rockies conifer timberlands.

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If you received a scholarship from the Foundation in past and would like to update us on where you are now, or would like to add your linkedin profile to your name please send an email to apalmer@forestlandowners.com.

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