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While a lot of organizations, policy makers, and media outlets talk about the need to sustain America’s private forest lands, we know that to do that someone must have YOUR interests at the forefront.

The forestry sector, in the U.S. has experienced extreme volatility, unprecedented challenges, and substantial change over the past two decades. The longer-term future suggests both opportunities and challenges.

From unpredictable product markets to fluctuating stumpage prices, from uncertain whether to fire, insect or disease outbreaks, running a timber operation or owning forest land is a challenging business under the best of circumstances.


Your membership in FLA allows us to advocate solely for the interests of family forest landowners. You are #1 one priority.

Working together under the canopy of FLA, your support enables us to continue the successes we achieved during the past 75 years and to continue implementing our Forest Marketplace Growth Agenda, a series of policy priorities fostering a strong business environment and balanced regulatory climate on behalf of the families who own and manage forestland.


As a member of FLA, not only are you supporting our mission to ensure an expanding economic climate that enables you to prosper from your forestlands, but you are also accessing benefits to grow your resources and to connect with forest experts.

Why Become a Member?

Grow Your Forestry Resources

FLA is the only national representative of the economic interests of family forest landowners and their unique natural resources assets. In addition to ensuring the best climate for you to manage, own, prosper, and enjoy your forestland, by being a member of FLA we also help you grow your resources with insightful content in the FLA Magazine published 6-times a year. The Forest Landowner Magazine presents private forest landowners with guidance on forestland management options, application to current forestry research, and national legislative issues that help you sustain your forest and ownership.

As a member you will also receive the Association’s bi-weekly e-newsletter alerts members of current government affairs issues affecting them to mobilize its national grassroots network on behalf of private forest landowners across the country.

Connect with Forest Experts

As a member of FLA you receive a special membership registration rate to FLA Family Forest Business Conference, a venue to discover the full breadth of every aspect of owning, managing, investing, and passing your forest land to the next generation. The conference provides relevant and timely information along with thought provoking sessions that engage forestry stakeholders of all sizes and interests. Learn about this year’s conference June 26-29 at the Ritz Carlton at Lake Reynolds in Greensboro, Georgia.

When the green in your portfolio is in millions of trees, it’s important to have expert help managing your resources. FLA provides vital information through our partnership with the Forest Insight Conference. Interaction with industry experts and your peers will help boost profitability, improve stewardship, and sustain your legacy for the next generation.

Throughout the year, we host regional meetings around the country to connect you with resources and ideas, tailored to your region. Education and Networking Opportunities let members communicate and collaborate landowner-to-landowner, as well as provide direct access to forestry experts, services and product providers. Learn new strategies; find additional resources—it’s the best way to ensure your future success. You can find more information under the events tab on our website.

Insurance: Discounted Products for Members

Available exclusively to members, the Forest Landowners Insurance Program offers policies for hunt lease liability, vacant land liability, consulting forester liability, and health care coverage for individuals or employers. Over 5,000 landowners, clubs, and foresters and nearly 3 million acres are covered under the program. Call (800) 658-7047 or visit the insurance program website for more information.