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In June Two Sides North America, a “nonprofit organization created to promote the responsible production, use and sustainability of print and paper”, released the results of a survey it had commissioned to better understand consumer attitudes about the sustainability of print and paper.

The Indian government says it will invest over $6 billion to reforest roughly 12 percent of the country. India is roughly one-third the size of the United States but home to nearly four times as many people (1.2 billion).

Grant Wood’s 1932 painting titled “Arbor Day” portrays a group of school children planting a tree outside of their country schoolhouse in an otherwise treeless Iowa landscape. It has become an iconic representation of a national observance established over a century ago. This image, and countless others like it, offer a portrayal of tree-planting that is certainly worth celebrating

It’s been 46 years since the first Earth Day, an event that gave rise to the modern environmental movement. Earth Day was inspired by widespread concern about the ability of the planet to sustain itself under the pressure of the food, material and energy requirements of 3.7 billion human beings.

The role that forests play in the water cycle is widely known and celebrated. Yet, many are unaware of the contributions of forest product markets in the forest/water relationship.

A well-managed forest is a healthy forest.
We all value trees and a forest that’s recently been thinned, clear cut, or managed through a controlled burn is not the prettiest sight. It’s only temporary and is important for the long-term health of a forest.

The United States Supreme Court recently stayed implementation of the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan (CPP), which seeks to limit carbon pollution from power plants. While the development might generate bigger headlines, a story worth watching is the opportunity for biomass, lots of it originating in America’s forests, to contribute to carbon reduction.

The obvious and not-so obvious ways America’s working forests help Super Bowl 50 be more super.

In the spirit of using the early days of the New Year to consider life-improving resolutions, here’s one for your consideration. If you value America’s forests, use more wood.


A recent NPR Marketplace report said forestland sales could spike in 2016 and raised concerns about the future as aging landowners weigh their options or children uninterested in continuing a family’s timber heritage...