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Over the past 10 years or so, it seems many organizations have reported on and feared the potential impact our growing population would have on our forests. Still today it is easy to get caught up in the numbers that are reported, such as, “Atlanta, Georgia, loses 150 acres a day to urban sprawl,” or “Our nation loses about 6,000 acres a day on average to developments and other uses.”

For private forest landowners, when we think of trees, we also have thoughts of how to manage the trees to achieve forest stewardship and profitability, as well as ensuring we have a solid plan for being able to pass the resource through generations. Places where we can teach the next generation about our connection to the natural world and all of the things it provides us to make our lives better.

“Not seeing the forest for the trees” is a term we have all heard. To pay too much attention to details and not understand the general situation. Some believe the meaning of this common phrase has application when natural resource policy is being debated. However, one would say a more appropriate way to state the phrase is, “Not seeing the landowners who manage for the trees”. The point here is that policy makers and others tend to look at how the resource will be affected by policy first rather than how the policy will affect the stewards of that resource.