Pine Trees Can Be Made Into Hot Dogs Now

A Norwegian company has come out with a new technique for making hot dogs out of pine trees, which is pretty cool and also means there’s a perfect specialty food for both Memorial Day and Christmas.

According to The Local, a Norwegian company called Borregaard has figured out a way to turn waste wood like wood chips into an edible, creamy fat substitute that can reportedly be used in products like ice cream, mayonnaise, and hot dogs.

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While the company says the creamy paste, which they are calling Sense-Fi,  looks, tastes and feels like fat, it is actually just a paste made from wood fiber, which means it cannot be digested by humans. That might not sound appetizing, but it has possible use as a diet food or fat substitute, because it cannot be digested and thus a person can eat it without putting on any weight.

Sense-Fi has reportedly already been approved in the U.S. and is being produced at a plant in Wisconsin.

"We are rolling it out primarily in the US, where it has been approved. Sales are just about underway, and there is a lot of focus on fighting obesity," said business director Harald Rønneberg Borregaard. The company has plans for a second Sense-Fi factory in Norway in 2016.

Article source: The Daily Meal written by Elizabeth Licata.