Private Property Ownership

About 90 percent of America’s wood supply comes from family forests, along with forests owned by private investors and companies. About 60 percent of the “privately-owned” fiber comes from some 10 million individual family forest landowners.

These landowners have a vested interest in sustainable practices on the property they own; protecting the environment is the right thing to do and it’s the best way to see a long-term return on their investment. They have many reasons for owning timberland, including beauty and scenery, protection of nature and biodiversity, family heritage and legacy, investment, hunting and fishing.

Tim Chitwood

Family Forest Landowner

“I have a bond with the land because I was raised on it, and it has provided me with so much over the years. I am passing that mindset on to my children so that they can give to, and receive from it also.”

Landowners are passionate about managing their timber with sustainability in mind. Smart forest management produces value for future generations. Landowners play a key role in sustainable forest management while creating jobs and economic vitality for timber dependent communities.

We will continue to see the benefits forests provide – clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat, recreation, wood products, and those jobs that drive a vital economy – by continuing to make sure markets stay vibrant and healthy.